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    The X-Factor:

    Individual auditions

    Perrie & Jesy in “Faux Pas,” Jade & Leigh Anne in “Orion”

    Bootcamp results + formation of Rhythmix

    Judge’s Houses

    Judge’s Houses “Cry Me a River”

    Judge’s Houses Results

    Live Show 1 - “Super Bass”

    Live Show 2 - “I’m Like a Bird”

    Live Show 3 - “Tik Tok/Push It”

    Live Show 4 - “E.T.” - first performance as Little Mix

    Live Show 5 - “Don’t Stop The Music”

    Live Show 6 - “Telephone/Radio Ga Ga”

    Live Show 7 - “Don’t Let Go (Love)”

    Live Show 8 - “Baby/Where Did Our Love Go”

    Live Show 8 - “Beautiful”

    Charity Single - Finalists featuring JLS & One Direction

    Little Mix & Misha B go shopping

    Semi-final - “You Keep Me Hanging On”

    Semi-final - “If I Were a Boy”

    Finalists - “Hold On”

    Semi-final Results

    Finalist cam fun at the fair

    Finalists - “Greatest Day”

    Final - “You’ve Got The Love”

    Final - “If I Ain’t Got You/Empire State of Mind”

    Final Round 1 Results

    Final - “Don’t Let Go (Love)”

    Final - “Silent Night”

    Final - “Cannonball”

    Final Results

    Final - Little Mix Sing Winning Single - “Cannonball”

    Finalists cam x-mas wish lists

    Final 3 Celebrate

    X-Factor Diary Week 1

    X-Factor Diary Week 2

    X-Factor Diary Week 3

    X-Factor Diary Week 4

    X-Factor Diary Week 5

    X-Factor Diary Week 6

    X-Factor Diary Week 7

    X-Factor Diary Week 8

    X-Factor Diary Week 9

    X-Factor Diary Week 10 

    Xtra Factor Face Off (Jade vs. Perrie)

    The Little Mix Fashion Fix Diaries:

    Week 1

    Week 2

    Week 3

    Week 4

    Week 5



    Wings (Acoustic)

    Wings (In Demand)

    We Are Young

    End of Time (A Cappella)

    Survivor (A Cappella)

    Cry Me A River (A Cappella)


    DNA A Capella (Live Stream)

    How Ya Doin’? ft Missy Elliott

    How Ya Doin’? (Live)


    Move (A Capella)

    Little Me (A Capella)

    These Four Walls (Live)

    A Mix Of Their Hits Live (Change Your Life, DNA, Wings)

    Little Me

    Word Up

    Little Mix A Capella (Playlist)

    Behind The Scenes:

    'Little Mix Behind The Scenes'

    Wings Music Video

    DNA Music Video

    How Ya Doin’? Music video 1

    How Ya Doin’? Music video 2

    Move Music Video

    Little Me Recording

    Salute Photoshoot

    Teen Vogue Photoshoot

    BBCR1 - Move


    Ready To Fly Photoshoot

    Seventeen Magazine


    Girls’ Life Magazine Photoshoot

    Little Me Music Video

    Word Up Music Video

    Move Dance Rehearsals

    Salute Dance Rehearsels - Part 1 || Part 2

    Track By Track: 



    Change Your Life

    Always Be Together

    How Ya Doin’? ft Missy Elliot

    Stereo Soldier

    Going Nowhere

    Pretend It’s OK

    Turn Your Face

    We Are Who We Are

    Red Planet ft. T-Boz


    Little Mix In The USA:

    clevver TV; New York

    clevver TV; Boston

    clevver TV; Los Angeles

    clevver TV; Kansas & Texas

    clevver TV; Charlotte & Washington D.C.

    clevver TV; San Francisco & Sacramento

    clevver TV; Los Angeles 2

    clevver TV; Wings Acoustic

    clevver TV; Interview: “DNA” USA Release, Touring & More

    Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards - Interview

    Google Hangout

    Lerrie Handshake

    "Little Mix In The USA"

    Wings Acoustic (Sirius FM)

    Little Mix At Saturday Night Online

    Kiss 104.7 FM; Change Your Life

    Kiss 104.7 FM; Interview Part 1

    Kiss 104.7 FM; Interview Part 2

    Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge; DNA

    Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge; Going Nowhere

    Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge; Wings

    Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge; Interview Part 1

    Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge; Interview Part 2

    Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge; Interview Part 3

    Kiss 108 FM; Interview

    Kiss 108 FM; Going Nowhere

    Kiss 108 FM; DNA

    Kiss 108 FM; Wings

    Getting Started

    Little Mix about 1st and 2nd album + One Direction

    Z100; A Capella of DNA, Going Nowhere, Change Your Life, We Are Young (F.U.N. Cover), Wings

    Z100; Interview

    Mix 69.1 Bjorn’s Audio Visual Lounge; Wings

    Mix 69.1 Bjorn’s Audio Visual Lounge; Going Nowhere

    102.7 Kiss FM; Wings A Capella

    102.7 Kiss FM; Talking With Mr Belding from ‘Saved By The Bell!’

    102.7 Kiss FM; Interview

    Interview with 103.3

    Little Mix in Phoenix

    American Accents with Nick Kradick

    The girls freaking out because of a hummingbee

    Little Mix talks about Debut Albums, the US & Secrets

    Radio Disney; Wings - Goat Version

    Radio Disney; Wings

    Conga Room; Twitter Questions

    Conga Room; Going Nowhere

    Conga Room; Change Your Life

    Conga Room; Wings

    Conga Room; We Are Young (F.U.N. Cover)

    A Message from the US

    DNA Diaries; 1

    DNA Diaries; 2 (Mixers Magnet Edition)

    DNA Diaries; 3

    DNA Diaries; 4

    DNA Diaries; 5

    Coast to Coast 1

    Coast to Coast 2

    Little Mix Tour Diaries:

    Tour Dilemma of the Day 1

    Tour Dilemma of the Day 2

    Day 1 Part 1

    Day 1 Part 2

    Rhyl Part 1

    Rhyl Part 2

    Rhyl Part 3

    Show Two

    Nottingham Soundcheck


    Bus Time



    Welcome to Glasgow

    Promo in Glasgow

    Jesy Take Over

    Backstage in Sheffield


    Tokyo Diaries:

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Best Of

    Mixers Monday: 

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Q & A (Part 1

    Episode 3

    Mixers, Meet Yvonne and Mavis!

    Little Mix In The Studio

    Holiday Announcements:

    Happy New Year (2011/12)

    Merry Christmas! (2012)

    Happy New Year (2012/13)

    Happy New Year from Perrie (and preorder Salute; 2013/14)

    Mixers Magnet: 



    Challenge 1: Little Mix Story

    Challenge 3: Bowtie for Jade

    Challenge 4: Fralentine’s Day

    Challenge 9: Mixer Makeover Video

    Challenge 10: Mixer Makeover Video

    Challenge 12: InstaPerrie

    Challenge 13: Mixers Quick Quiz

    Challenge 14: Mixers Magnets T Shirts

    Challenge 15: Mixers Magnets Media

    Round Up: Week 4 

    Best Bits

    U.S. Redwards: Intro || Challenge #1 - Facebook Photo || Challenge #2 - Most Mixers || Challenge #3 - Wings Cover || Challenge #4 - Mixers Quiz || Final Challenge

    U. K. Event (10.05.2013)

    Mixers Salute: 

    Mixers Salute Party


    Salute USA Challenge #1 

    Salute USA Challenge #2 

    Salute USA Challenge #3

    USA Salute Tour Reporter - Intro

    Official USA Salute Tour Reporter

    Salute Lyric Challenge

    Salute Tour Reporter Winners (Houston, Atlanta & Charlotte)

    Salute Tour Reporter Winners (Sunrise, Tampa, Camden, Fairfax)

    Salute Tour Reporter Winners (PA, MA, NJ, CT & NY)

    Salute Tour Reporter Winners (Auburn Hills, Chicago, Omaha, St. Paul)

    Salute Favourites

    Thank You Salute Tour Reporters

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    this guess who card from the 80s is every fanfic writer’s description of harry…. brilliant green orbs…… succulent lips……. honestly


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